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Best Hotels Bangkok Thailand in Nana Red Light District

Each time around this year I see a colossal spike on visits to my sites. So I know a lot of degenerates out there are anticipating going by Bangkok's and Pattaya's shady areas of town soon.

Nana Red Light DistrictBe that as it may, on this specific post I'll be concentrating on 5 hooker cordial inns in the Nana seedy area of town. To give you a refresher, this shady area of town is based on Nana Entertainment Plaza. Contiguous NEP are a lot of spots to discover road pussy available to be purchased. Thais, Russians, Africans and ladyboys and so on are copious in the Nana range.

Which is the reason I know a considerable measure of folks are centered around getting a decent lodging in strolling separation to everything including spots to stack up on alcohol. In the event that you anticipate staying right in Nana you're not very far from the BTS train station and you can stroll to Soi Cowboy in around 10 to 15 minutes.

In spite of the fact that there are numerous financial plan and top of the line inns in the Nana seedy area of town that permit hookers to visit visitor rooms, I've chosen 5 of which I know are great decisions. So I've blended in a couple names of spending plan inns alongside several quality lodgings where you can stay and make the most of your time in Bangkok.

1. The Majestic Grande - I've been recommending this guest friendly hotel since it opened 10 years ago. And now after a renovation in 2013 it's been updated and even before the renovation it was still a fine 4 star hotel. Though today it's still just a bit more expensive but not by much. What makes this a real gem of a hotel though is it's just a short walk to NEP, less than 3 minutes so plenty of hookers throughout that area can be found. A night at the Majestic will set you back about 3000THB per night with taxes.

2. The Grand President - Located between Nana and Soi Cowboy red light district the Grand President was one of the hotels I enjoyed staying in all those years ago before I got my own place. And a friend told me it was renovated a couple of years ago as well. It's a 4 star hotel but it's got these crazy budget rates. Last I checked a standard room cost 1800THB to 2100THB a night with taxes.

Nana Red Light District3. On 8 Sukhumvit - This is the hotel to be if you want to be able to hop not the BTS train quickly. It's also located between Nana and Soi Cowboy though it's a lot closer to Nana. The rooms are smaller but the quality is decent for as a 2 star hotel. Lots of people like this hotel too as it's very convenient. Their cheapest rooms cost around 2100THB per night with taxes and usually includes breakfast.

4. iCheck Inn Nana Bangkok - Here's one of the cheapie hooker friendly hotels I always recommend. It cost around 1600THB a night with taxes included. The room is a bit small at 22 square meters but that's plenty of space for you and your flavor of the night. Very no frills but it's clean and quality is good. It's located on Sukhumvit Soi 7/1 so you can walk to Nana in about 3 minutes.

5. Legacy Express Sukhumvit - This is another good budget option that is close to NEP. A room here will set you back around 1550THB but the room is slightly larger here at 27 square meters so not a bad deal at all.