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General Tips in Paradise Island of Bali

Bali for Newbies - General Tips

Prepaid SIM card
While in Bali, you will definitely need a line to call back home either cos you miss your family or you just wanna brag about you having fun in Bali.

For travellers, you are able to purchase a prepaid card ( kartu prabayar in bahasa) without any identification needed. Card can cost as much as 50k rp to 100k rp, in which the card itself cost 25rp and balance is credited to your prepaid card (e.g 100k rp card will have 75k rp in it).

Get a Simpati or Mentari prepaid card as they have been known to be more reliable. To save cost, you can use their VOIP(Voice over internet protocol) method of calling. Usually the VOIP code is listed on the packaging of your new card.

Cheap International calls using VOIP ( Voice Over Internet Protocol), if you want to save some money, here is the list of VOIP access from Indonesian providers for you reference.
TELKOMSEL (Kartu Halo, Simpati, dan Kartu As) = 01017
INDOSAT (Matrix, Mentari, IM3 dan StarOne) = 01016
EXCELCOMINDO (Xplore, XL Bebas dan Jempol) = 01000
HUTCHINSON CP (3 Three) = 01089
BAKRIE TELECOM (Esia) = 01010
MOBILE-8 (Fren dan Hepi) = 01068
TELKOM landline or Flexi = 01017
SMART TELECOM (Smart) = 01033
How to use?
Just dial the voip code, example calling Manchester- England using your Indosat number: 010164416176xxxxx
I don't have the tariff list yet, I will check and post it later..but one thing I know is after talking 25 minutes to UK, my credit only gone down by Rp4500. To see how much the cost is simple, check your credit before making a call, write down and make a call, after finish talking, check again.
Bare in mind that not all calls using VOIP can get clear voice, 80% is clear but 20% is gamble.

Once you run out of credit,simply go to any phone shops (they  are practically in every corner) and ask for a credit top up ( simply tambah pulsa in bahasa) and the guy at the counter will be willing to assist you with the top up.

If you are using a 3G phone,get a Mentari prepaid card as it allows you to connect to the internet with your gprs. This might me handy if you need to have an internet connection to refer to documents or maps or just plain FBing on the go.

Internet connection
If you are someone who can't live without the internet, not to worry as there are internet cafe/shops all around in Kuta/Seminyak  area. If you are somewhere less developed than Kuta or Seminyak, usually you can get internet connection through the hotel but usually for quite an absurd fee. Some of these places have internet cafe/shops but usually charge a little bit higher than Kuta/Seminyak area.
Some of the restaurants also provide free Wi-Fi connection usually they'll have a sign at their shops indicating this.

Money Changer
I would recommend you to get your money change in your own country as the rates, most of the time is a little bit better of than changing in Bali. Click 
to see currency exchange rates.

Be aware that some money changers do take some commission. Most of these money changers will quote you a very good exchange rate. So when you feel that something is too good to be true,just avoid them because they will then take a commission and in the end you've got a worse off rate.

Make sure that you count your money in front of money changers to show that the money exchanged is correct as there are some cases where tourist got conned or their money "magically" disappeared, getting less than they should. Take note of 10k and 100k notes as they look almost similar. Just check that you've got the right amount after any transaction.

I would recommend going to money changers inside Kodak shops usually a PT Central Kuta or PT Balidavalas money changer. They are reliable as they give out receipts and need traveler 's signature to acknowledge the transaction ( I think that this is a mechanism for their bosses to check,so there is little room to con tourists).