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Lombok Plaza Hotel - Jl Pejanggik No 8 Cakranegara Lombok, Indonesia

Designed for business and touristry spree, Lombok Plaza building is strategically settled in Mataram; any known native space. From here, guests will fancy quick access to all or any the items that may be found during a living town. With its strategic location, this building offers quick access to the must-see destinations within the town.

Lombok Plaza building conjointly offers several amenities to complement your keep in Lombok. The building provides access to variety of services as well as twenty four hour area service, cafe, shop, car park, meeting facilities.

Lombok Plaza Hotel

In addition, all guest rooms have a number of comforts like occasional / tea, free drinking water, satellite / cable TV, balcony / terrace, in-room safe to favor a lot of and a lot of guests. The building offers fantastic leisure facilities as well as Massage, Pool (outdoor), to assist you relax when an extended day of activities within the town. realize a mixture of skilled services and facilities at the Plaza building Lombok.

Lombok building Plaza is found within the largest shopping precinct within the town of Mataram - Lombok is Cakranegare, as a result of its strategic location, the building is in nice demand by tourists FOREIGN DOMESTIC furthermore as tourists World Health Organization need to fancy a vacation or business functions. solely a couple of minutes leave from the building, you can search by the typical Lombok such as: T Shirt Lombok, Dodol rumpu by sea and by various others.

Featured in each room, among other amenities, are Desk, air conditioning, coffee / tea. With the feature car park, laundry service / dry cleaning, hotel in Lombok is sure to make each guest's trip into an enjoyable trip. Comfort and convenience are the hallmarks of Lombok Plaza Hotel.

Luxury newly emerging urban middle, with a modern design hotel, elegant, fantastic, beautiful and charming look with a wide range of facilities that treat will make you feel comfortable and quiet stay in the middle of the city. Enjoy views of the city and looks bluish hills that look beautiful are ready to welcome the views of the hotel's top floor is a cozy place to relax. See and experience the beauty of the night view of the city is decorated with flashing stars twinkle in the sky that will be merged into the nuances of romance. It is suitable for those of you who want to celebrate a honeymoon in a crowd of the metropolis.

The hotel is located right in the urban areas, it only takes about 20 minutes of waktu Selaparang airport. With this strategic location of various facilities already exist in your hand, like the ease of doing business, shopping Mataram Mall which is the largest shopping center in the city of Mataram, close to the hospital, and several popular attractions such as parks Mayura, Meru temple, Pura Lingsar, Narmada parks and others.

Lombok Plaza Hotel offers several types of rooms are clean and comfortable like, Superior rooms, Deluxe, The Plaza Suite and The Presidential Suit. Please select according to your taste. In addition the hotel is also equipped with various facilities such as a comfortable meeting place with modern decor, places married and theater. Shuttle Bus Tersedian also if you want to get around the city of Mataram to Senggigi been to the beach which is a famous tourist spot among domestic and foreign tourists.

Get bebrapa also benefit at this hotel such as towels and welcome drinks, free airport transfers, fruit basket for celebrating a honeymoon, and a birthday cake for guests celebrating a birthday.

Not only that this hotel is also designed specifically for those of you who want to stay with family, relatives and your beloved ones. Ajakalah they enjoy and feel comfortable stay and keidahan vacationing on the island of Lombok.

Lombok Plaza Hotel is the best option for those of you who want the convenience of staying, in the middle of urban areas and are perfect for your modern soul.

Room Facilities
Cabinets, Deposite Safety Box, Tea & coffee, IDD Line, Refrigerator / mini bar, air conditioning, Hanger, TV, Hair Dryer, Bottle Opener, Hot / Cold Water, Shower Room, Shower with Bathtub with separate shower, Umbrellas, Slipper , Clothes Line, Wash Basin, Luggage Ruck, and bathrobe (only for Suite Room).

Bathroom facilities
Soap, Shampoo, Shower Gel, Bath Towel, Bath Math, Matches, Ashtray, Face / Toilet Tissue, Flower Vase, Cottonbuds, Comb, Toothbrush and Toothpaste, Sewing Kit and others.

Hotel Facilities
Restaurant, Bar and Lounge Happy Hour, Restaurant, Money Changer, Meeting Place, Spa / Massage, Traditional Dance Class, Cooking Class, 2 Swimming Pool (Children and Adults), a wide parking place and City Shuttle Bus.