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Lombok Raya Hotel - Jl. Panca Usaha No. 11, Mataram, Lombok, Indonesia 83231

Strategically situated in Mataram, Lombok Raya edifice is that the ideal place to start out exploration in Lombok. From here, guests will relish quick access to all or any the items which will be found in an exceedingly living town. The guests to the current edifice will relish a go into the favored tourer town: Mataram Mall, Siti Hajar Hospital, Immanuel Church of Mataram.

At Lombok Raya edifice, good service and nice facilities can build your keep haunting. Guests of this edifice will relish the native amenities like laundry service / cleaning, business center, bar / pub, twenty four hour area service, tour.

Lombok Raya Hotel

Enjoy high-quality facilities, together with net access, television, shower and tub, balcony / terrace, bathtub, to assist you gather power back once a tired move. The edifice offers several distinctive recreational opportunities like pool (outdoor), athletic facility / fitness facilities, massage, spa, garden. after you area unit searching for snug accommodation in Lombok, Lombok Raya edifice build your home after you area unit on vacation.

Lombok Raya edifice is found within the largest shopping mall within the town of Mataram - Lombok is MATARAM MALL, as a result of the situation is incredibly strategic, then the edifice is in nice demand by tourists FOREIGN DOMESTIC and tourists UN agency wish to relish a vacation or business functions. solely a number of minutes go away from the edifice, you'll search by the everyday Lombok such as: T Shirt Lombok, Dodol rumpu by ocean and by varied others.

Hotel Lombok Raya berlantai two by the amount of rooms area unit nearly tons of a lot of, despite its location between the middle and therefore the bustle of town of Mataram, however terribly off from the hustle and bustle and noise of town. The edifice is definitely accessible, simply ten minutes from Lombok Selaparang landing field and half-hour from the port sheet.

Hotel Facilities:
- Restorant
- pool
- workplace of Air price ticket
- Meeting area with capability of a hundred a lot of
- Public Worship (mushalla)
- waiting area
- mini Business Center
- net cafes or HOT SPOT
- Facility Phone
- Spa

Hotel Lombok Raya is found before of Mataram Mataram Mall and necessary places within the town because the center of Lombok merchandising souvenirs like pearl, t-shirts, carvings and a lot of. Lombok Raya has one hundred thirty five units of rooms that area unit divided into four categories: Superior, Deluxe, Family, and Suite