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Read Traveler Reviews and Find Agoda Insider Deals on Hotels

Booking made simple. Options, terms and prices upfront. No surprises. Booked another hotel with a competitor in order to receive discount offered for booking airline reservations, however, was shocked at final price with unexpected fees added. We've been using Agoda since 2004 and find great deals, comfortable and reasonable accommodations each time with no surprises. Highly recommend

Read TravelerI have been using Agoda for years. It gives good value. I run a corporate travel company and it is impossible to have contract rates with all hotels. Agoda offers the next best thing.

What is Agoda Insider Deals?

I have been asked by many people what is Agoda insider deals? It is a special rate that Agoda only offer to it’s members. Yes, it is the discounted price which cheaper than you directly search it on Agoda. Surprised !!

I joined Agoda members for 3 years, sometimes Agoda sends email to me saying they offer insiders discount to me. But there are Pro and Cons about this insider rate.

Insider-deals agoda hotel

The Pro:

It is good that Agoda offer discounted rate to his members. Actually, it is always good to sign up for any OTA website’s member, even for, they offer member exclusive rate too.

The Cons

There are no details of which hotels they offering member discount to me, I have to go to this insider deal page ( You can access here: and look for the discount. However, it is very frustrated because the date and hotel may vary.
I found that the insider deal cannot last long, that means the deals you found today may not not available tomorrow. So you have to act fast. Once again, I hate deals which has no details of promotion period. (We are not playing games, we just want to find discount)

My Conclusion

If you don’t want to join Agoda’s member,  you can access below link to search insider deal.
To be more specific, you can go to below countries landing page, there are hotels listed in landing page and that are the hotel which having the discount! Below are the links I found.

Search for Insider deal

Insider-deals agoda hotel

Click here to visit insider deal page:

Furthermore, Agoda offer insider deals and Flash deals which are normally offering up to 50% discount. With this offer, the hotel price are usually very cheap. But how to find those deals? I find that Agoda hidden with deals and doesn’t want to tell you which particular hotels offering this special discount.

So, for your convenience, I have gathered some of the popular Agoda insider deals promotion page links.  So that when you click on those links, you can easily search for Insider deal and able to see which hotels are having insider deal.

(When you clicked the link, you will see which hotels offer the insider deal, however the deal may offer only on specific dates, so make sure you try to search with different dates combination if you don’t see the deals icon.) If you have problem finding best deal, feel free to drop me a message in this page.

For all hotels :

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Singapore Hotel Insider Deals :

Indonesia Hotel Insider Deals :

Vietnam Hotel Insider Deals :

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India Hotel Insider Deals :

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Malaysia Hotel Insider Deals :