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Transportation Tips in Paradise Island of Bali

So you are wondering as to how to get around this island to places of interest or anywhere for that matter.

Transportation Tips in Paradise Island of Bali

Taxis are the best way to get around Bali. Most taxis are metered but somehow most of them prefer to negotiate with you to get a flat rate to the place. I assume that usually the price negotiated is more than when using a meter.

The starting flag fall charge is Rp 5,000 for the first 2 km and the meter ticks up Rp 5,000 per km after that. Waiting time is charged at Rp 20,000 per hour. Always try to get a Blue bird taxi as they are more reliable and more often then not, they'll on the meter without you prompting. You can also make advance booking with Blue bird @ +62 361 701111.

If you got other taxis, be sure to ask if the driver is ok with using meter, if not, be sure that you preagree a price (which you deemed fair of course) to your destination. Failing to do so will land you into big trouble as some of the taxi drivers may demand a hefty sum to be paid once you are at your destination and he might just create problems for you.

If you are travelling for the whole day, a day charter of the taxi or getting a personal driver would be the better choice and can be cheaper than going around Bali in metered taxis.

Personal drivers
If you are planning a day of sightseeing, getting a personal driver is your best bet. Not to worry as there are many of them around usually hustling by the roadside. Usually they will ask you if you would like to get transport...literally saying "transpot , transpot".. These are the guys you want to get a deal with.

Whole day transportation price is between 300k to 600k rp depending on the vehicle and of course your bargaining skills....hey you are in Bali, bargaining is part of the culture.

Personally I would never hire the driver if he quoted for more than 450k rp a day (usually I try to get  300k rp for the day) . But again, make the deal if you think its fair price.

What other way do you get around Bali if you are on a tight budget or when travelling alone/in pairs? Not to worry as Bali has a few private companies operating bus service to major areas.

One of the most trustworthy and reliable operator is Perama. Check out their bus fares and rates to your destination from where you are.

"Ojek" aka motor taxi
Another alternative to these transportation service is to hitch a ride on a motocyle's back or known as ojeks (motorcycle taxis). This mode of transport is best taken if you want to avoid from traffic jams and also if you are going to narrow "gangs" (street/alley). This mode of getting around is very popular around Kuta-Seminyak area.

There are official motor taxi (usually has a sign on their motorbikes and wears a vest)  as well as freelanced ones. Pre agree a price before you take a ride with the ojek. Usually to somewhere near would be 10k rp. From Kuta to Seminyak you should pay around 20k rp max.

I do hear some people charter these ojek for a day trip. Usually would cost you about 100k rp per day. But since its good business for these ojeks to operate within Kuta Seminyak,I guess lesser of them would be willing to charter for a 1 day service to go around Bali. However you could ask around if any of the ojeks is willing to offer the service.

Car Rental
Fancy exploring yourselves in paradise island? There's plenty of car hire company around especially if you are in the Kuta area. You could also google on the different company providing car rental services. Most recommend
autobali as their prices are good and hassle free transaction.

You'll definitely need an international driving license to rent the car and a map to aid in your journey.
Do take note that you should ask if the car is covered by insurance in case of any accidents. Also get a map or  gps system to help you get around in Bali as some of the roads are confusing. Some places requires "parking fees" to the man who guides you to park your vehicles, usually fees will be around 1k to 10k rp....

Motorcycle rental
If you want to travel light and be able to explore the "untouristy" areas in Bali , get yourself a motorcycle to travel around this island. Usually will cost between 30k to 50k rp per day depending on bike condition and again you haggling skills.There's plenty bike rental services offered around Kuta, Seminyak and other touristy areas.
Be sure that you've got your driving license and wear a helmet will on the bike as the traffic police  might stop you and request for your license