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Visit Gili Meno Suggest Best Area Snorkeling in Lombok

Visit Gili Meno

Would like to do a snorkeling holiday can anyone suggest best area ?visited Gili Meno over 10years ago and it was good any where better?

The popular activity of snorkeling has in the recent years become a major attraction for tourists. It is a variation of swimming at the surface of a water- body. The string of islands with its unspoilt beaches makes Lombak an excellent place to enjoy the thrill of snorkeling. The crystal clear waters with its mystic charm offer an excellent opportunity for snorkeling.

All you need
The person, however, needs to be equipped with a diving mask, a tube commonly known as the snorkel, and swim fins. Snorkeling is an innovative and an adventurous way to enjoy the underwater attractions. As there is no time barrier, you are free to spend long hours under the water.

Best time to visit gili meno
Though no time is bad for this popular activity, yet the dry season is generally considered as the best time to carry out with your desired activity. The months between April and October are high time to enjoy the utmost fun. The water bodies during this part of the year remain calm, thereby, preventing the tourists from the calamities of natural hazards.

- Gili Islands situated at the west of Lombok. It is a group of three coral islands that includes the Gili Air, Gili Meno and Gili Trawangan.
- Senggigi Beach, one of the most developed areas of Lombok, is a prime destination for tourists to practice snorkeling.
- Kuta Beach is a paradise for tourists located on the east coast of the Lombok. This beach is located on the south side of Lombok.
- The Komodo Islands a location for incredible adventure is a welcomed destination for tourists.

It is a very interesting recreational activity that is particularly carried out at the tropical resort. Undergo the unique experience of your encounter with the octopuses, star fishes, and the jelly fishes. See and get enthralled by the vibrant colors of the marine life. You can also enjoy and captivate those inexplicable moments that shall remain as treasure to you all life long. Isn’t that a too interesting an idea to spend your holiday.

In Lombok you can enjoy a variety of activities that are related to snorkeling.
- Snuba which is a typical mixture of snorkeling and scuba- diving.
- Bog snorkeling which is a popular activity of Britain and is now developing as a major activity in various parts of Indonesia including Lombok.
- Spear fishing that is done by using equipments required for snorkeling.
- Lombok is a beautiful place to feel the spirit of underwater -sports of which snorkeling is a major one.