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You Have Any Plans for a Vacation Abroad in March Later

You have any plans for a vacation abroad in March later? Try to visit a tourist event that will be held in March:

St. Patrick
St. Patrick

Grape Harvest Festival (1-10 March)
May harvest season is still a few months away, but in March, the city of Mendoza, Argentina, there will be a celebration of the Grape Harvest Festival, a celebration of the festival of matangnya grapes. Try the experience enjoy a glass of wine with the beauty of the Andes Argentina as view.

Las Fallas (1-7 March)
In early March
, Spain will hold a festival of the feast of Saint Joseph in Valencia City. The core of the Las Fallas celebration will be held for 5 days 5 nights on the streets of Valencia. The stages of the show for 5 days 5 nights is La Desperta, La Mascleta, La L'Ofrena de flors, Genista, Els Castells and La Nit del Foc, the Cabalgata del Fuego, and its peak is La Crema

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St. Patrick's Day Parade (March 14)
A unique celebration of St. Patrick's day in Chicago was transformed into its green color. This year, a celebration that is exceptional because it is at once a celebration commemorating the end of the day to 60. Bring your family and taste as well as well as many delicious food that will be available during the celebration.

Pacific Rim Whale Festival (14 – 22 March)
Saw the arrival of thousands of whale tail is gray in the District of Tofino, a part of the province of British Columbia, Canada. During the peayaan, the entrants will be presented a wide variety of foods, talk-shows, and activities that are fun for the little

Cape Town International Jazz Festival
you like listening to jazz music? It doesn't hurt to come and watch the concert Cape Town International Jazz Festival in South Africa. With more than 40 international Viewer, you will be presented with a wide selection of spectacle, nor Miss golf, fashion show, to the photographic exhibition were held to complement your activities.