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Trip Outing to Chiang Mai Thailand part I

Trip Outing to Chiang Mai ThailandTrip Outing to Chiang Mai Thailand part I

Ordinarily, I expect to compose something that is identified with Bangkok, however at times I think it regards enjoy a reprieve and escape Bangkok. It is not that I am exhausted or have stuck on the thoughts regarding Bangkok. It is only that I had an awesome excursion in Chiang Mai and need to impart it to every one of you. Give me a chance to give you a couple words about this city, on the off chance that you have never known about it.

Chiang Mai is known as the capital city of the northern piece of Thailand, where is around 750 Kilometers (465 miles) away toward the North of Bangkok. It takes 11hours and a half to drive or around 1 90 minutes on the off chance that you get a flight from Bangkok. Chiang Mai can be an exceptionally pleasurable spot to visit since it is loaded with wonderful blossoms, rich society, great nourishment, and beautiful ladies.

This trip I went to many places, where are recommended by local guide. The guide picked me up at the airport, so I did not have to worry about being ripped off by those cab drivers in front of the airport gate. I felt bad on the way to the Bangkok airport though; that a cab driver drove me around, pretending to show me some good views of Bangkok. I ended up pay him twice more expensive than my friend told me it would be. Even though I know exactly how to get to the airport from my house, cab drivers always pretend to turn to the wrong way and say…oh there’s no way to turn back, we have to go around. I told the driver that I would not pay for the extra kilos you drove me around, but he would not let me take my bag out of his car, so finally I had to pay him. My suggestion to you all to avoid this kind of situation is to tell your cab driver the direction in advance and also tell him you will not pay if he misses the turn. Sorry, I should come back to the trip in Chiang Mai before this will be about tips of how to avoid bad cab drivers.

Trip Outing to Chiang Mai ThailandThe first place I went is umbrella making center. Chiang Mai is well known for hand-made umbrella, they have variety types and designs which you can pay extra to let them give you a unique design as well. Umbrella making center is located at Bo-Sang, not far away from Chiang Mai city. I do not remember exactly how long does it take, but for sure I got here before I finished my 40 Baht potato chips (should be about 20 minutes). Once you walk into the front door, you will see many different products displaying in front of you (mostly umbrella) with price tag on, so you do not have to spend your energy to bargain. It is quite nice to see local hand-made products that are freshly made by local people (at least, this is what I was told).

If you walk deep inside to the back of the center, you will see the highlight of this place, which is the place to make umbrella. You can see how they make umbrella from the start, how they put each parts together, which material they use, etc. Also there will be many artists, who are painting the designs of umbrellas. They will draw and paint anything you want for a very good price. I bought a small plain umbrella from inside and they painted the word Thailand for me for just 50 Baht. Off record here: for someone who has low budget, you can walk a little further, across the street have something you can buy for almost half of the price.

Trip Outing to Chiang Mai Thailand OK. I think it’s too late now; I have to prepare for my work tomorrow. So I will tell you next time where else I went. I can promise you that you will definitely be surprised. Bye.