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RoutePerfect - Plan a Simplified Itinerary To Europe

RoutePerfect ( is a fun way for travelers to create a personalized multi-destination trip plan.  The site converts very cheap pre-itinerary traffic into very valuable post-itinerary traffic.

So you have patiently saved up for that European vacation for a long time and finally you have enough to cross a few places off your bucket list. But which places? What is the best way to get there? What else are unmissable in the area around? It is overwhelming to think of so many factors and plan accordingly. More often than not, planning every segment without seeking experienced advice, turns out to be disastrous. So, make way for Route Perfect, you one-stop place to plan your entire Euro Trip, tailor-made to suit all kinds of needs of yours.

The website aims to make planning trips a hell of a lot easier, but with the kind of flexibilities that comes with every traveler looking for an unique experience. The world is a big fascinating place, with a lot of breathtaking sights to see and experience, but one can't just see it all in one go. It is here that Route Perfect comes into play.
The website offers all kinds of customization options to build that perfect trip for you.

Here are the options you have:

  1. Round Trip/One Way: You can either choose to come back to the city you started off with or choose to move on never to come back to where you begun.
  2. Duration: Of course you can specify how long you want the trip to be. Mention the start date if you want to, and based on the rest of your preferences, RoutePerfect will tailor the number of places you can spend the night in.
  3. Mode of Transportation: You can specify your mode of ground transport. Whether you will have private vehicle or be taking the public transport option and save a lot of carbon footprint is up to you. And based on your choice, RoutePerfect will once more adjust your itinerary to find you places to take the bus from, or fill your gas in.
  4. The Type of Trip: It's important to understand the kind of trip you will be taking, because every trip has different attractions. Will it be a romantic getaway with your better half? Or will it be a party-fueled fortnight with friends? Or may be a self-contemplating solo trip? Tell it to Route Perfect and it will scout the best spots for the perfect experience, no matter how you are traveling.
  5. Your Personal Preferences: The website has a few sliders in the home page for you to tweak them based on your preferences and see those reflected in the final itinerary. Say you like a serene afternoon among nature over say, a tiring night out partying. RoutePerfect will take this preference in its algorithm and come up with the perfect itinerary.

Once all the factors are counted for, Route Perfect will generate a route for you to follow, on the map, specifying the amount of time you will have to spend traveling to tick off all the places it suggests and also the number of nights you will be spending in each place. Apart from this, it will also show you the history of the place from Wikipedia and reviews from Tripadvisor.

But it's not all automatic. I mean, I can't leave the entire plan to some sniggering bot. So there is also the option of manually putting in places you think are must-see. You can also adjust the number of nights you want to spend in a place. All these, and still RoutePerfect will recalculate and come up with the best plan for your trip.