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Calendar Widget is One of The Best Tools to Monitor Flight Prices

Calendar Widget Calendar widget is one of the best tools to monitor flight prices. Without changing your browser, you can see the specific month and day the cheapest flight is offered. This is good when planning to book a flight in the future. If you have this widget, you just enter you origin and destination. No need to click ‘Search’ button and be redirected to Jetradar’s website. It will only happen if you go to the details of those flights for actual booking.

With calendar widget, prices are displayed right away. The month when lowest price is offered will be highlighted in green to easily get noticed. If you click that specific month, days within that month will appear. And still, the day when lowest price is available is in color green.

The rest of the days within the calendar are also shown with its corresponding flight prices. Right away, you can decide which day to travel.

Imagine how effective this tool is when it comes to knowing flight prices offered by many travel sites and airlines in the internet. But only few are using this tool. Calendar widget, according to some statistics, works best on flight searches. This is because of the flexibility and instant accessibility of the information a traveler wants to know.

Though, there are some features that needs to be familiarized before using it effectively, it does not require any effort. At the left sidebar of the calendar widget, there is an option to filter your search. You can select the number of estimated days for your vacation, an option whether you want to book a round trip or one-way flight, your origin and destination. You can also filter the result into direct flights only. You can do it by just “ticking” the small circle as provided for that option.

If you hover over your mouse to the calendar widget dates, a pop up window will appear showing the suggested day of departure and return of that specific flight, where price is shown first. If you click, that is the time you will be redirected into Jetradar search result.

Try using calendar widget now