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Club Guide Hong Kong Nightlife

Club Guide Hong Kong Nightlife

Hong Kong is one of my favorite cities and while it’s more geared towards business and shopping I love going bonkers in Honkers. No matter what your taste in music and clubs, you’ll find a place to get your party on in Hong Kong.

Most of the late-night action happens in Central. Beijing Club (2-8 Wellington Street) is Hong Kong's biggest club with three floors, two dancefloors and a balcony area where you can watch music videos projected onto the side of the neighboring building. Expect RnB, Hip-Hop and House music, some funky locals and extravagant interior decoration – even the washrooms are gold-plated.

Another slick establishment is Club No 9 (9 Queen’s Road) which features a large dome under which you can admire a psychedelic light show, as well a stunning balcony (my preferred hang-out) where you can take in a spectacular view of the harbor and city. Music is from local DJs as well as international guests and the clientele is well-heeled locals and tourists.

For a more underground experience try Drop (On Lok Mansion, 39-43 Hollywood Road), which has a great sound system and international guest DJs complementing the locals. If you’re lucky or well-connected you might get into Volar (38 D'Aguilar Street), a ‘member’s only’ club for the city’s hip and chic. The club area is always pumping and features state-of-the-art sound and lighting and projection system, while the lounge is ultra-cool and also decked out with high-tech lighting that changes color depending on the vibe of the night.

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Propaganda (1 Hollywood Rd) is HK's longest-running gay disco, and even though the entrance is hard to find (look for the alley off Pottinger St.) it’s one of the city’s hottest spots and you don't have to be gay to join in the fun. Come late on a weekend for premium party action and you can party through to 6am on Saturday and Sunday mornings.